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 75 Club

Welcome to the South Manchester AOS 75 Club page.


As part of our fund raising activities, we invite you to join the “75 Club”  This gives you an opportunity to support the Society with a minimum of effort and expense and a very good chance of winning a monthly prize.


How Does It Work ?

Each person wanting to join the 75 Club is allocated a number between 1 and 75. The number allocated remains that person’s as long as they remain a fully paid up member.


Once a month, on the second Monday of the month  a draw will take place.  The prize will depend on the size of membership at the time, but will likely be £45 first prize and £22.50 second prize.  Twice a year there will be an additional draw for 20% of the total raised over the previous six month (approx. £270).  Prizes will be paid by bank transfer or cheque to the winner.  The winner’s name will be posted on the South Manchester AOS website and official social media.



Membership costs just £3 per month, paid by standing order.



1st Prize: 20% of monthly contributions

2nd Prize: 10% of monthly contributions

6 monthly prize (June and December): 20% of total contributions over 6 months


Illustrative example based on 75 members paying £3 per month each month over 6 months;

Monthly 1st Prize – £45.00

Monthly 2nd Prize: £22.50

6 Monthly Draw: £270.00


In addition to this 2 lucky winners will receive 2 tickets each to see our next main show, drawn every 6 months.



Follow This Link to see our recent 75 club winners.



Follow This Link to see our current rules.