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Founded in 1955, South Manchester AOS is a musical theatre society based in Didsbury, South Manchester.

Producing two musicals a year, one in the spring and the other in the autumn. The forseeable productions are scheduled to be performed at the Z-Arts Theatre in Hulme. 

The society have won several awards over the years at both the NODA’s and The Manchester Musical Awards.

Also affiliated with SHOWCASE – a charity organisation which sees 7/8 local theatre companies come together, annually, to raise funds for chairity. Usually performed on the main stage of the Lowry Theatre, Showcase is the highlight on many local theatre companies calenders.

South Manchester AOS is made possible by the dedication and commitment of a wide range of people from across Greater Manchester. These do not only include the talent presented on stage but also the crew, set builders, wardrobe, creative teams, musicians but most important of all, the society cannot function without the support of the audiences.

The society has an active social life with a range of events throughout the year including theme / games nights and dinners etc.

SMAOS are always looking for and interested to hear from people who wish to ‘play their part’ – whatever area of the arts that may be. You’ll find how you can express your interest here: Join Us