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75 Club Rules

South Manchester AOS 75 Club Rules


1.      The club is to be called “75 Club”.

2.      The club promoter is Andrew McNicholas of 25 Lakeside Rise, Manchester, M9 8QE

3.      The promoter or their immediate family may not be a member of the club.

4.      The club is registered with Manchester Council as a non-commercial society club and monthly draw – and runs under an operating licence under the Gambling Act 2005.

5.      Membership is limited to 75 individuals or companies.

6.      An individual member or company can hold more than one membership.

7.      Membership is £3 per month.

8.      When accepted, members will be allocated the next available membership number, this is the membership and prize draw number.

9.      When an individual or company expresses an interest in joining the club, a copy of these full rules and instructions on how to pay (bank standing order) are sent to the applicant

10.   On joining, the allocated membership number will be put into the draw.

11.   Members to pay by bank standing order to reach South Manchester AOS bank account by 4th of the month.

12.   The prize draw is to take place on the 2nd Monday of the month (at the South Manchester AOS committee meeting) – and entry in to the prize draw is invalid if payment is not received by 4th of the month.

13.   If there is no committee meeting that month – every effort to be made to ensure the draw takes place within 7 days of the 2nd Monday of the month.

14.   If due to bank holiday / unforeseen circumstances it is impossible to make the prize draw on 2nd Monday of the month – it should take place as soon after 2nd Monday of the month as possible.

15.   3 x active South Manchester AOS committee members must be present at the draw.  Where possible the draw will be filmed live.

16.   1st prize to be 20% of monthly club revenue.

17.   2nd prize to be 15% of monthly club revenue.

18.   In June and December of each year an additional draw will take place where the prize will be 20% of total contributions in the previous 6 months (Jan to Jun or Jul to Dec).  Winners of the 1st and 2nd monthly prize in June and December are eligible for this additional draw.

19.   The balance of the fund is to be given to South Manchester AOS on a monthly basis for the Trustees to allocate as they see fit in order to carry out the objectives of the Society

20.   SMAOS Treasurer (or appointed representative) to confirm at the time of the draw (or within 2 days of the draw) if the prize draw winners are paid and up to date as of the 4th of the month.  

21.   If the treasurer cannot confirm the member’s payment at the time of the draw, and the member drawn out as prize winner has not paid when confirmation is given – the next number higher in sequence wins the prize. (number 75 reverts back to number 1)

22.   If rule 21 is invoked, the same member number cannot win both prizes, and in the event of a clash, the next higher number in sequence again receives the prize.  (EG. 40 is drawn as 1st prize winner and has paid –  39 is drawn as second prize winner and has not paid.  The next highest number is 40 – but they won 1st prize –  so the 2nd prize goes to next higher number of a paid member i.e. 42 if paid, and so on) –  If prize allocation of number 75 is reached and is not paid, prize allocation rotates to start at member number 1.

23.   If a member holds more than one number – they can win a prize on each separate number in the same month.

24.   Treasurer (or appointed representative) to confirm monthly 75 club turnover to promoter and Society secretary within the same week as the draw along with prize and charity donation split.

25.   Prizes to be paid by cheque or bank transfer, at Society discretion, by end of the week of the draw.

26.   Prize winners and amounts to be published on South Manchester AOS web site, broadcast by twitter and Facebook via our official accounts.

27.   All members to be listed in South Manchester AOS show programmes – along with prize winners since the previous show.

28.   A complete record of the account, prize draws and witness history to be recorded and kept by promoter and available for inspection and scrutiny at any time by legal authorities and/or the South Manchester AOS Trustees. 

29.   One off draws can be included as and when suitable and available – for instance we may seek to canvass for tickets at The Royal Exchange / Home / Bridgewater Hall / Palace Theatre / Lowry / Opera House.  We may be able to acquire signed merchandise etc.   One off draws of this nature to take place at the same time as cash

30.   2 x tickets for each South Manchester AOS show to be included in a draw leading up to a new show opening.

31.   In the event of any disputes regarding prize draw, allocation, distribution the promoters’ decision is final.

32.   Any additional rules and amendments must be agreed by the promoter and Society Trustees.